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Our History

Having a basic school education is not enough in this fast-moving world. Especially in the rural area of the Ganze constituency and specifically in Jaribuni, the possibilities for graduates are minimal. Marere College strives to provide not only courses and certificates in various skills, but also the best environment to achieve goals beyond people’s present possibilities. There has long been a need for a college in the Kauma Subcounty. Offering a range of courses, certificates and diplomas is important for youth development.

Originally built as a community center, the college has developed into a technical and vocational facility that enables students to become self-reliant.

This is reflected in the college’s vision, mission and core values.

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Developing the capacity of being self-reliant

To train quality and competent men and women in various skills to satisfy manpower needs of the local and international market through practical hands-on training and research for the development of lifelong livelyhoods.

  • Respect
  • Quality
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Discipline
  • Team-work

Your Future Starts here.

We provide modern facilities and up-to-date infrastructure.