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We are a new college and this is why we are spending a lot of time showing the premises to various stakeholders and informing the community on what we are offering. We regularly update you on our events of the past and the future.

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We are talking to Olivia Herrmann, wo is part of the NGO Pro Ganze Kenya. She is giving away a few secrects about her life and shows her love for Ganze.

Alessio De Vitis is a young man who works in a bank. He will let us know about the vision of his life and his suggestions on how to be a “good person”.

Vreni Müller gives us an insight into her job as a South American Tour Operator. She let’s us know why it is fun to work past your “retirement”.


We work hard but we also find time to celebrate. 


We said goodbye to two Primary School Teachers from Switzerland who lived in the College for one month. Goodbye and good luck.


The MCA of Jaribuni Ward received a cheque of over 4 Million KES. 4 students of Marere College also received a full bursary.

Young students who have babies and small children bring them to the daycare, where they are fed and well taken care of

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